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Help & Info about GoPro Studio for windows

  • Is GoPro Studio Free?

    The software is free to download and use and comes with a wide range of features that make it very easy to edit videos that are created using GoPro and add special effects so that they will create a lasting impression.
  • Does GoPro Studio Come with GoPro?

    Although the software is a popular tool for editing GoPro videos, it has actually been created separately to the camera itself. However, it is free and easy to download the software and it runs easily with most of the popular operating systems.
  • Is GoPro Studio Easy to Use?

    The software’s setup process is notoriously slow and people who have never used software of this type may have a little trouble getting to grips with it at first. However, the tutorial that is provided should help to make things easier and after the learning curve has been tackled the going is pretty smooth.
  • Does GoPro Studio Require QuickTime?

    The software has been designed to work with QuickTime. While people who are already familiar with QuickTime should find that this is no problem, because of the software’s substantial bulk it can mean editing large videos takes rather a long time for people who have slow internet connections.
  • Does GoPro Studio Autosave?

    There is a dedicated autosave feature with the later versions of the software. This is a real boon for people who are working on large editing projects and accidentally shut down their computer without saving their work as the feature will automatically revert back to the last time that autosave ran.
  • Can GoPro Studio be Used with Other Cameras?

    While the software is commonly used to edit videos that are shot using GoPro cameras, the software actually works with a wide range of other types of cameras as well. Because it is free to download and use, it is best to simply give the software a try to discover if it is compatible.
  • Is GoPro Studio Fast?

    For most types of users, the software is likely to be fast and powerful enough to meet their needs. However, certain users who are working on very large video editing projects may find that the software lags slightly from time to time.
  • Does GoPro Studio Work with the iPad?

    The software has been created specifically to use on a PC or Mac and cannot be downloaded onto an iPad. However, it is possible to edit videos that have been created using an iPad by importing the video via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Does GoPro Studio use CPU?

    Although the graphics card is commonly used to edit videos with the software, there is also the option to use cpu if preferred. Certain users may actually find that video editing is faster with this option and it may be worth checking it out.
  • What Does Split Mean?

    When used in editing, split is short for split screen. This means that it is possible to run two video clips at the same time in each half of the screen and this is one of the most popular editing features available with GoPro Studio.


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